What is ICCID?

ICCID – SIM serial number – is printed on the SIM card with carrier logo. Each SIM card contains its unique ICCID. It is used to identify with the network operator when the device registers for use. A full ICCID number is 19 to 22 characters.

This ICCID for R-SIM, Gevey, GPP, Heicard …

Working ICCID’s

ICCID : 89014104279605338557

ICCID : 89014104279605338458

ICCID : 89014104279605338953

ICCID : 89014104279605338557

How to pair the simcard or Set-up

IMSI Code List

iPhone Unlock Instructions:

IMPORTANT Note:  Update your Iphone to Latest iOS  12.4.1 
1. Insert your sim card with unlock chip
    Note : The latest version of the chip is programmed with POPUP menu setup
2. Wait for a POPUP menu , and select “Perfect unlock via ICCID” 
3. Enter/Edit the Latest Unlock ICCID code from above listed NEW ICCID 
   Note: If you miss the POPUP menu or entered wrong unlock ICCID code , replace a different SIM card with chip and you can see the POPUP again.
4. Press ‘Send’ and restart , Activate with Wifi 
5. Done and Unlocked. 

If you never seen any PopUp Menu – ( Old version of the chip )

1. Insert your sim card with unlock chip 
2. Enter to Emergency call – Long press to home button and release ( Press right side button for Iphone X , XS and MAX)
3. Dial *5005*7672*88#
(If you gets, settings failed…or Success message .. restart the iphone, wait 1 min , then dial *5005*7672*88# )
4. You will get a Pop-up window to enter ICCID number 
    Enter 20 digit NEW ICCID from above listed – If not listed, please contact us HERE, we will give you a new ICCID    
4. Press ‘Send’ and restart , Activate with Wifi 
5. Done and Unlocked.

Are you getting “Activation error ” or “Error performing request…” ?? orAny Other issues ??

Please contact us HERE  with below details ,  WE WILL FIX THE ISSUE SAME DAY!!! 

1) iPhone model (XS MAX, XS , 7,8 etc ) 
2) Original carrier of the iphone ?
3) The SIM card you are going to use after unlock?
​4) IMEI number of the iphone ?
5) IOS version of the iphone ? (Go to settings -> General -> About) 
 Make sure you have ios 12.4 (otherwise it will not work)

How to pair the simcard or Set-up

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