How to Unlock HUAWEI B310As-938 in Simple step


Follow this :
1. Download the files ( Credit to owner )

2. Install Drivers ( ADB Drivers and HUAWEI Drivers )
3. Dis-assemble the unit
4. Use Modify usb then make Jumper

5. Short the two Terminal using Tweezer then Connect Power Adaptor ( Dapat di iilaw ang power Led ) pag connect mo ng power adaptor

6. Remove Tweezer then Connect USB sa PC

7. Dapat Ganito Lalabas sa PC mo

8. Run Balong USB Download mode

9. Next Run Unlocker FW wait Until to finish

10. Disconnect USB sa PC
11. Connect LAN cable
12. Wait mo muna hangang basahin then Run Network lock remover + USB Download mode click Enter

Dapat ganito ang lalabas

13. Repeat 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 Images Procedures

14. Run Firmware Update_11.326. MOD para ma full admin access


user – admin
Password – admin

Change password mo ng admin1 para ma set up mo ang Dashboard

Credit to Boss Hacktech28

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